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Camping tours are usually designed individually for the client. We also offer guided camper tours, which are usually group tours.


On camping tours, the wheather conditions naturally play a very important role, because instead of staying in lodges, you stay in tents - ground or roof tents.


Therefore we list some important references to information pages in which we deal with special features that play a major role in camping tours.


  • Climate Zones and Travel Period: It should be borne in mind that southern Africa stretches across various climatic, geogra- phic and geological zones.
    (See also in the column - far left!)


  • The Travel Routes: With camping tours, the price diffe- rences of the campsites play a rather subordinate role. It is primarily the accessibility of roads and Ways, de- pending on climate, vehicle, equipment and driving skills of the client - according to a realistic self-assessment.
    (See also in the column - far left!)


  • Selection of Vehicles: The external conditions, suitability and equipment of the vehicle are deci- sive. No problems along good roads - whether tarred or good gravel roads. But if the path leads through deep sand into the bush, then things look different...
    (See also in the column - far left!)


  • Accommodation: Along the good tourist routes within South Africa - the choice is yours. In remote areas, route and time allocation plaing the main role.
    (See also in the column - far left!)


  • Wild Card: With the Wild Card you get free entry to almost all national parks in South Africa and in some of the neigh- bouring countries - for one year from the date of issue.
    (See also in the column - far left!)


ROOF TENT or GROUND TENT? Roof tents have the advantage that they can be put up and taken down very quickly and can be transported on the roof of the vehicle in conveniently and in a space-saving manner. The camping equipment is stowed in the vehicle.

For ground tents you usually need a trailer, which should also be suitable for off-road tours. With this comparatively great effort, however, you "buy" an advantage:  If you want to spend several days in one place, you don't need to prepare your beds and take down the tent every morning. For example: You can leave everything behind to go on a game drive at sunrise. As soon as the sun is high, you return - go to the kitchen and prepare breakfast - brunch ... or whatever.


We also offer guided CAMPING TOURS for groups. Usually these are tours that lead us deep in the bush - in addition to tours within South Africa, especially to Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and now and then as well to Zambia.

I do not go into the topic of activities separately in this context, because self-drive tours - with a few exceptions, of course - are usually decided on site. (Again - see also in the column - far left!)

We equip all self-drivers with sufficient documentation, which usually contains, detailed maps of the national parks and nature reserves in addition to the road maps. You will receive a comprehensive tour and route plan that contains all the relevant contact details along the route as well as the details of the access routes and the GPS coordinates of the most important waymarks.

You send us an e-mail with the most important key data of your project and we get to work straight away. It has proven to be advantageous if you tell us a contact telephone number (...also skype or "whats app"...) at which we could contact you ( what times?...) if we should have urgent questions. Especially when it comes to bookings or reservations.

Here we will shortly present some of our CAMPING FAVORITES. In doing so, we will focus in particular on which travel periods, for which seasons and for which tour duration these routes are particularly suitable - or just what we would not recommend for seasonal reasons or due to the given time frame.